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If inclement weather cancels 50% of the event prior to the completion, a prorated amount for the canceled portion of the event will be refunded up to a maximum of eighty percent (80%). If the event is canceled in its entirety due to any reason, the refund will be in full. Any portion of the event not completed due to weather above 50% is at the discretion of LC United. If that portion is canceled by officials for reasons other than weather, that portion will be refunded.

That said, if the per event, or practice price, is greater or equal to any discounted monthly or quarterly price, then no refund will be issued. Example: Events are $1 each, a discount of the next 5 events is offered for $4 and bought. One event is canceled due to an Act of God (weather), there will be no refund, but there may be a make up event added.

Q: I am new to the sport and my child is having difficulty with offside; HELP!?



A: This is a common frustration among parents and new parent coaches. We hope this helps.

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"Soccer is an art not a science and the game should be played attractively as well as effectively. Soccer is a game of skill, imagination, creativity and decision-making. Coaching should not stifle, but enhance those elements."