Developing the essence of character through soccer.


When Cassandra (CJ) Wagner sent her first daughter off to camp, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Zoe LOVED it,” CJ recalls. “The friends, the fun – she grew so much in a few days.” The Wagners have since sent their two other children to Skills Camp , with similar results. “Skills Camp rocks!

  • USSF National Licensed Coaches
  • Lake cities location
  • Sponsorship program
  • Development Oriented
  • Disciplined Process
  • Positive Approach
  • Age Transitional
  • Affordable

We offer a developmental

academy for recreational players with an aptitude for higher level of play. This program is not only developmental but transitional for young players moving from Participation to Performance based play.

Our soccer skills camp

develops individual skill in all areas of the game with emphasis on ball mastery and beginning move sets. Children learn from play and will take skills learned with them to play at home all summer.

Birth YR '04 -'11 

Academy / Club

Winter Skills Camp


8:00 A.M.

Drop Off!

February 4 2018

Lc United Soccer - LCSA, Lake Cities Developmental Youth Soccer Program